Your quality of care is our top priority

Happy Soul Mother and Child is a midwife-led private practice that seeks to play a pivotal role in mitigating maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidities.

We are a private clinic for pregnant women and those who want to do PAP Smear and HPV screening to prevent cervical cancer. we offer total perinatal care from preconception, antenatal, normal delivery and postnatal care.

Daughter Kissing Pregnant Mom


A Mother-Centered Approach


Happy Soul is a new solus practice that opened on the 1st of October 2021 opened by registered midwife Sisonke K Gomomo who has a Bachelors degree in General Nursing, Midwifery, Community and Psychiatry. She has extensive experience in both public and private hospitals managing both low risk and high risk pregnancies and early neonatal care.




  • Take Happy Soul Mother and Child to an international level and save birthing women worldwide from under privileged to most privileged communities.

  • Establish branches to different parts of the world, to bridge the gap that causes high maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity in marginalized communities worldwide by giving affordable first line of perinatal care that supports normal physiological process to timeously recognize deviations from it and intervene promptly.

  • Provide sensitive care that seeks to respond to individualized women’s perception and feelings regarding birth when communicating with her.

  • Integrating midwifery and obstetric care to render direct management of deviations from normal and obstetric emergencies without delay

  • Promote greater access to high quality perinatal care internationally for early identification of major risk factors that influence perinatal health with consideration of sociocultural differences.

  • Reduce mortality and morbidities associated with the routine use of surgical interventions

  • Use evinced-based care and maternal guidelines to practice safe and up to date perinatal care


  • Apply for birth facility establishment for Happy Soul MC throughout the world

  • Partake in conferences, research of new developments that pertains to perinatal care worldwide

  • Enroll to further studies to attain higher skills and knowledge in perinatal care

  • Compare and adapt strategies used in different parts of the world to mitigate risks and promote safe practice

  • Establish relationships with the health systems of different countries in order to gain across of practising there.

  • Collaborate midwife-led and obstetric management by running an obstetric-backed up facilities in each branch.



Our Aim

  • To promote access to high quality maternity care at a low cost.

  • To bridge the gap that leads to poor birth outcomes between private and public health care

  • To promote sustainable effective and efficient maternity care.

  • To provide comprehensive maternal care from the beginning of the pregnancy until 6 weeks after birth

  • To play a pivotal role in supporting the overwhelmed health care system on the other hand giving patients best quality care that is affordable and accessible with less time spent away from home.