Our first consultation fee includes:

1. New maternal case record book

2. Full comprehensive assessment

3. Routine bedside tests

Routine booking bloods are done at any Ampath lab closest to the patient and antenatal supplements script is issued to be purchased at any pharmacy. Both of these services are excluded from our fee structure. Please see our website or WhatsApp for fee structure.



Pre-Conception Sessions

Antenatal Care


Postnatal Care

PAP Smear and HPV

We offer birth services for normal delivery in a welcoming environment and allow the mommy to go home and reunite with her family on the same day of the delivery after we have fully assessed both the mother and baby. We assist the mother with breastfeeding and promote skin to skin after birth to prevent hypothermia and promote bonding. We give free follow up on day 3 after birth to ensure the mother and the baby's wellbeing. 

We also cater for women who wishes to attend only antenatal care with us but have planned to deliver in a public facility. we do all the normal births and refer complicated ones to the specialist



Care for Mom and Baby

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